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In business since 1941, Koller Enterprises (corporate parent of Koller Products, LLC) and based in Fenton, Missouri, is ranked as one of the top 100 injection molders in the USA, with manufacturing operations in Fenton, Missouri; Sullivan, Missouri, Gadsden, Alabama, Lenexa, Kansas and Shawnee, Kansas.

This journey started back in 1985, Koller Products (back then we were called Hawkeye) was the first company to design and produce injection molded desktop aquariums. With leak-proof durability, the onepiece tank designs we started with and continue with today did away with any worries or concerns about potential water damage caused by leaking silicone seams as with glass tanks. Plastic aquariums quickly became a major hit not only because of the one-piece design concept but also because of the creative shapes this allowed us to manufacture. The innovations did not stop; along the way many more firsts were brought to this wonderful hobby by Koller Products.

With millions of these aquariums sold, Koller Products unique aquariums remain popular with both children and adults. Offering world-class industrial design and engineering along with intensive market research to create innovative aquatic products that address hobbyist’s needs in the pet industry.

Because we are one of the leading manufacturers of aquatic products, our number one priority is to make it easy for the beginner to be successful. We feel the aquatic experience is all about the enjoyment and relaxation that it brings into every household and we want that experience to last for years to come.

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I don't just like KollerCraft Aquariums, I love them! They are excellent quality and truly a bargain for the price. I've never had a single problem with mine and they keep my fish happy and healthy! They are small enough to fit almost anywhere, yet large enough that your fish have plenty of room to swim and live a happy life.

 - Andrea M.

Here it is! 3 years, 2  months, 13+ days later, and you duplicated Koller-Crafts' generosity and good-will by sending  me a 4-led-light[& added the plug-in lite cord] without product cost fees with free shipping] for the Koller-Craft fish tank I bought over 5 yrs. ago. I call it YOUR GENEROUS GIFTS because I know other companies would have charged for both items. NOR did you ask for: postal shipping reimbursement as I've already acknowledged!! I will continue to utilize K-Crafts Products/Services with recommendations to friends and acquaintances  when/if the occasion presents itself.

-Ken P.

Incredible customer service! My girlfriend and I had a small issue with our LED light on our 6 Gallon tank.

They were very quick to respond to our email and offered us an
immediate solution. I would highly recommend this company to anyone considering an aquarium purchase.

- Nathan H.