Habitat Cleaning

Habitat Cleaning

How to Care for Your Habitat

Cleaning Habitat:

Only wash your habitat with warm water. Do not use place in dishwasher or expose to extreme temperatures as damage may occur to the habitat.

To avoid scratching the surface of the habitat, always clean with a micro-fiber cloth or by hand. Do not use a sponge or scrubber as they may scratch the plastic.

White Residue from Hard Water:

How do you clean a cloudy film on the habitat? The white deposits on the habitat can occur as water evaporates, leaving calcium or salt minerals spots.

1. Use a vinegar and water mixture, mix one part of distilled white vinegar to two parts water.

2. Remove your pet from the habitat and place in another container.

3. Fill the habitat with mixture and let it soak for one hour.

4. Empty habitat. Rinse away vinegar residue by filling and emptying the habitat twice.

5. If residue remains, dip a clean micro-fiber cloth into vinegar and gently wipe the habitat clean. Place the habitat under the sink faucet and rinse the inside and outside thoroughly.

6. Allow the habitat to air dry before placing your pet back into it.