Steller pump

Steller pump

Tom Aquarium Stellar Air Pumps. One of the most reliable and powerful air pumps on the market today, designed for smooth and quiet operation. Stellar Air Pumps features durable, long-lasting diaphragms that will provide years of dependable, trouble-free use.

Full range of Stellar Air Pumps are available to fulfill your aquariums air requirements. Ideal for aquariums from 2-gallons up to 100-gallon tanks.

TM1248. Single outlet Mini: aquariums 5 -10 gallons

TM1032. Single outlet S-10: aquariums 10 - 20 gallons

TM1040. Single outlet S-20: aquariums 20 - 30 gallons

TM1042. Single outlet S-30: aquariums 30 - 40 gallons

TM1050. Double outlets W-40: aquariums 40 - 55 gallons

TM1052. Double outlets W-60: aquariums 60 - 100 gallons